Tuesday, January 3, 2012

the shat upon

those of you who know me, know that i can be very annoying and immature ... especially when it comes to phrases that i think are funny or odd or interesting. i will declare that new phrase as my "new band name" or "at least a song title for the band." i don't have a band. i can play "louie louie" on guitar and i don't know the whole thing ... anyway, the title of this blog is my new emo band's name. the shat upon. seems appropriate, those emo kids are so depressed ... that phrase actually came from wanting to shoot seagulls at a view point on the way to san diego ... weave and i were worried that we might become "the shat upon." ok seriously, that's my new band name.

i had fun shooting here and, no, we did not get shat upon.

sea gull or eagle?

chaos above

do not feed

the one called "wing" might be my favorite. it is not cropped (except for size) and honestly, i don't remember taking the picture, but i love it ... actually, its hard for me to pick a favorite. i like all 4 above, which is rare for me ...

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  1. Our small family went to the beach this Sunday. After correcting Charlotte many tumes that seagulls not eagles fly at the beach she decided that her word was right. Eagles do like to fly over Newport beach. Just so you know.