Tuesday, September 27, 2011


i like this picture because it doesn't look like it was taken in my front yard. it looks to me like it was taken at the beach or overlooking a cliff or something other than simply looking at the sunset down my street.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


the photo mag i subscribe to has an assignment in it each month ... and they ask you to send your images in. if they like them, they'll publish you in the mag ... i'm not too interested in competing, but i like the assignments and i like to compare my way of doing the assignments with others ... its interesting to me.

this assignment was "hand held panning." basically capturing motion in a picture by following the subject with the camera. usually this produces a blurring background and fairly focused subject. i shot at a really slow shutter speed and chased a pigeon around watts, so my whole image is blurry, but i like the results ...

not sure if i'm going to actually submit these to the magazine, but i'm considering it.

a cop stopped us on the street and asked ...

sunday september 18 weave and i took a photo class / workshop. it was a shoot at the watts towers in beautiful south central los angeles. the shoot was fun and the info on the towers and the builder was interesting. i'm actually pretty happy with a few of my pictures. after the shoot and the tour, the class was going to go get some lunch. there was a well (yelp) reviewed puerto rican restaurant within a 10 minute walk so we all decided to go (i think there were 7 of us). walking the streets of south central l.a. we stuck out like sore thumbs, passing cars stopped and stared, pedestrians looked with wonder ... finally a cop car stopped and asked: "DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE? YOU'RE IN SOUTH CENTRAL L.A., WATTS! What are you doing here?" after explaining what we were doing and where we were going, the cop said, while shaking his head: "BE CAREFUL." with that warning, and the restaurant being closed, we scurried back to the train station ...

more pictures here FLICKR LINK

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

full moon

driving home the other day the moon and the clouds looked awesome. by the time i got parked and grabbed my camera, i had missed the shot i wanted, but i like this blurry one. it reminds me of a painter i really like ... holly williams, you should check her stuff out - it rules AND she's super cool!

this is a plane taking off from long beach airport ...


no one paid attention to that "5 shots a day" post i did last week, did you? i'm actually trying, but i'm not taking 5 a day ...

i was walking otis the other day and saw a small building that was recently demolitioned. i really liked that building ... oh well.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

up too early ... 9.1

otis, our dog, woke me up at 4:00 am the other day. i couldn't get back to sleep so decided to go to signal hill for sunrise ... i've taken a few photo classes over the last few months and the instructors always say that the best time to shoot is just before sunrise ... the light is soft and perfect. so i trotted over to signal hill to see for myself. the marine layer was thick, so the shots i was hoping for, like downtown LA in the distance, the lb airport, the port of lb, etc were all obscured ... but then i saw these spider webs in the bushes ... made it so the morning wasn't a total bust.

everyday 8.30.2011

i have a new goal, inspired by my lovely wife 'the weave.' i am going to take 5 pictures a day. i not going to post them all, but if i get something interesting, i'll post them. i've already missed a couple days, but here's one from 8.30.2011. there was actually a really cool old truck parked in front of our house. i thought it would be a cool picture with our house in the background of the truck ... the pix are boring ... but i like the one of the agave i took on the way in my front door ...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

you am i

weave and i saw you am i at the echo on friday night (sept. 2, 2011). we've loved that band ever since we heard the supersuckers cover of 'heavy heart' on our friend's west memphis 3 benefit album (yay the west memphis 3 are FREE!).

this is the second or 3rd time we've seen then and they never disappoint. they were awesome and played a great set of new and old ... they even played a couple songs that i assumed they are sick of and that we wouldn't hear (heavy heart and rumble).

here's a picture from the show. if you want to see about 20 more, here's the flickr link.