Wednesday, November 30, 2011


on a walk in san clemente canyon in san diego ... experiments with my polarizing filter and eric kim's lightroom presets.


i meant to post this aout 2 weeks ago, but i guess i didn't. this was on a walk with weave, greg, wendy, otis, buster and charlie in virginia country club ...

Friday, November 18, 2011

shooting birds

i went to the bolsa chica nature reserve on the way to work this morning. i've never been there before. weave and i tried to go once with otis but the "no dogs" sign turned us around.

i had fun shooting birds ... shooting pictures of birds i guess i should clarify ... here are a couple.

heron reflection

heron looking

pelican in flight

nose diving pelican

take off

looking north

walking bridge

Monday, November 14, 2011

bacon infused bourbon - the process ...

the ingredients and recipe book
(the maple syrup is used in the drink, not the infusing process)

step one: make bacon

step two: add 1.5oz of moulton bacon fat to 750 ml of bourbon


infuse for 4 hours

freeze for 2 hours

after getting rid of the fat and straining through cheese cloth
pour back in the bottle

label it so no mistakes are made.

so, we sampled this on fight night (11/12 - the night manny pacquio lost the fight but won the decision). reactions were mixed but not great. i thought it was OK but too smokey/bacony. dennis dumped it out and thought it was gross, the weave thought it was too over-powering and said "maybe we can cook with it." and wendy said she liked it. mike thought it needed more bacon. i left the top off the bottle for 24 hours to see if it mellows out a little bit ... more later.

i love this building

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


pdt (please don't tell) speakeasy - east village.

we entered through a phone booth inside a hot dog restaurant.

I had a cocktail called Benton's Old Fashioned
Bacon Infused Bourbon
Grade B Mountain Maple Syrup
Angostura bitters
Honestly, I had 2.

at the bar

our tour guide.

on a walk in central park.

Monday, November 7, 2011

shooting street in the city

trying to get my street photography feet wet in NYC ... various locations including: brooklyn bridge, chinatown, ppe tradeshow, highline, occupy wall street:

no photos - tradeshow

chinatown smoker

mott and canal - chinatown

chinatown seat

brooklyn bridge mickey

taking a break - columbus circle

outlaw bobby steele - occupy wall street

peace dude - occupy wall street

highline salesman

the whole new york flickr batch is here NYC

Friday, November 4, 2011


i'm having a little trouble deciding how to upload the pix from my recent trip to new york. should i do it by location (central park, columbus circle, chinatown, brooklyn bridge, pdt, tradeshow) or by style (street, skateboarding, landscape, artsy fartsy, roller disco) or should i just purge all the pix at once ... NO i can't purge them. i think i'll do it by style ...

the weave and i were heading to central park and she wanted to stop in the mall at columbus circle ... i stayed outside and spotted some kids skating in the center of the traffic circle ... i haven't shot skateboarding pictures since before these guys were born, but i really like some of them ... i gave the one of the skaters my card, i hope, if they look, they like what they see ... i do.

the new york flickr batch is here NYC