Friday, November 4, 2011


i'm having a little trouble deciding how to upload the pix from my recent trip to new york. should i do it by location (central park, columbus circle, chinatown, brooklyn bridge, pdt, tradeshow) or by style (street, skateboarding, landscape, artsy fartsy, roller disco) or should i just purge all the pix at once ... NO i can't purge them. i think i'll do it by style ...

the weave and i were heading to central park and she wanted to stop in the mall at columbus circle ... i stayed outside and spotted some kids skating in the center of the traffic circle ... i haven't shot skateboarding pictures since before these guys were born, but i really like some of them ... i gave the one of the skaters my card, i hope, if they look, they like what they see ... i do.

the new york flickr batch is here NYC

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