Friday, February 25, 2011


Feb 25 - Today I went to go see a Richard Neutra exhibit. 20 photographs of things he'd worked on or been involved with in Orange County. It was being held a the Old Court House in Santa Ana (where a few friends have been married). The Old Court House's website said the exhibit was running through 2/25/11 and the blurb I read in LA Magazine said 2/28/11. Either way I was safe ... WRONG. After wading through a few weddings and trying to find an exhibit room or info or anything, I stumbled upon someone in an office, in a uniform, watching a video on her computer ... Where's the Neutra exhibit, I asked? Oh, that's been taken down, you missed it. What the fuck? At least I got to go to El Toro on First and Bristol and get some tacos ...

I took a couple pix at the courthouse though, honestly, if I had the balls to be a "Johnny on the spot" photographer, the photos are of the people in the surrounding area ... Awesome people walking, waiting for buses, sleeping under trees ... Seriously ... I need to go back and shoot the natural wildlife ...

Stair rails

Stairs at Old Court House

Stairs at Old Court House

Neutra exhibit .. Not really
I think I am using my fisheye too much. I love that lens but I need to concetrate on getting a good image and not depending on the fisheye. Some pictures just scream for a fisheye though ... Some.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

its been emotional part 2

Some photos from Saturday night ... The Stimy memorial at the Ken.

its been emotional ...

Its been an emotional last few days.

 Wednesday Night was the Stimy memorial/benefit at the Casbah with Skydiver, Congress of the Cow, Fluf, Creedle, Inch, Sub Society ... It was like a high school reunion even though I didn't go to high school in San Diego. Tons of old friends, great bands all gathered to say goodbye to a great friend. In trying to keep myself from crying through the entire show (and the one on Saturday too) I shot some pictures. My live band photography has always frustrated me. I'm just not very good at it. I feel like I should be, I've been to enough shows in my live, but for some reason, I suck. I am still trying to learn the proper setting for my flash and for shooting bands ... here are a few from Wednesday night that I feel are OK, but not great. (see next blog for Saturday)


Sub Society w/Matt

Sub Society w/Matt

Sub Society w/Matt

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunday quest

Does this ever happen to you? You see something, a place, a sign, anything that you think would make a cool picture ... Go there and you just can't find the picture. You look at angles and shadows and change lenses and everything ... and you just can't find the picture that you know is there ... That's what this is:

Sunday evening

Anyone see the sunset on Sunday? Wow. None of these are editted, no color boosting, no cropping, except the last one is color boosted a little.

Sunday Afternoon

Sunday 2-13 (Happy Birthday Henry Rollins) I had driven by a few spots that looked like they would be cool to take pictures at ... They are in Orange, so I took Otis to a dog park in Orange, got him tired and went on a little photo expedition. Otis is a great photo-assistant. Very patient.

Post Funeral

Friday was my grandmother's funeral. After the funeral there was a gathering at my grandparent's house in Inglewood ... That slide and basketball hoop have been in their backyard since my dad was a kid ...



Monday, February 7, 2011

Neb Lodge

I took a few shots at the Nebenkanoozer's (sp?) charity poker tournament. They are not great, but I love the fisheye.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lucky War Plane

Today on Otis' morning walk a giant plane caught my eye. It took off to the west, as most planes do from LB Airport, but this one banked hard to the south while still over Cal Hts ... It was a gray, military, cargo jet. I think a C-17 based on some internet pictures I looked up. I was fumbling for my phone to take a picture as a small yip yip dog was coming toward us unleashed. I got a couple shots, but for some reason I just LOVE this one.