Monday, August 29, 2011

san diego weekend

ever since the forth of july and shooting with a super slow shutter speed, i've been really wanting to do more with a slow shutter ... i tried some more stuff over the weekend. sorry to make you struggle through my experimentation with me, but i'm only posting images i like ...
Jack and Jake

this was shot at about 10:00 pm at la jolla shores. almost no light ... shutter at 1/6, f 4, iso6400

it sounds like my external hard drive is dying ... its ticking like a time bomb ... and giving me trouble when i attempt to pull images off of it. i guess this is my heard drive's way of only allowing me to post one picture. i hope this stuff is backed up on the cloud we have ... or that the stuff is retrievable ... anyone know where i can get help?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

obits in red

last night was the hardest struggle i've had since i picked up a camera again. silly me, i thought shooting in a dark club would be easy since my new camera has higher iso and the ability to go live with the menu screen. well, i still struggled. i used auto focus, manual focus, iso's of 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, and so on ... i guess those stagnant red lights didn't help much ... anyway, less typing and less pictures are my goals ... streamlining! so i guess i'll shut up. here's one picture from last night and the FLICKR link if you want to see the entire struggle, or at least the ones i think are shareable. the blog title might make more sense if you look at the flicker link ...

rick, over exposed

Here's the FLICKR LINK

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

riverfront park, spokane, washington and my 100th post

this post should be called "experimenting with shutter speed" or "these give me a headache."

this is my fav

carosel trails

airplane ride

clown cars

dragon ride

blue bench

downtown, spokane, washington

otis hotel

washington cracker co, cool old building

washington cracker company building

close up of the lower right corner of the wa cracker co building - no color added

bigger hammer spokane? actually thomas hammer coffee

spokane washington

i took a ton of pictures while in spokane last weekend. i am trying to continue with my "less is more" philosophy ... but i took over 300 shots and i need to narrow them down ... here goes:

i'm splitting them up into 3 posts.

here's the frst picture i took in spokane and the first picture i've ever taken with my new camera (nikon d7000 - that i barely know how to use).

spokane airport:

Monday, August 1, 2011


other pictures from chinatown.



mannequin feet

don't fuck with the fong's

not sure why, but i love this one



photographers call it "street photography," i call it uncomfortable. the idea is, you walk around with your camera and take pictures of people. strangers. sometimes they see you taking their picture and sometimes they don't. i really want to take pictures like this, but its pretty intimidating. recently the weave and i took a photo class that brought us downtown to chinatown. i felt safer shooting pictures of strangers being with a group ... i could always use the excuse "oh, sorry, we're with a photo class ..."

so, here's my first attempt at "street photography." i really like some of them ... i guess i shouldn't post the others, but ...

train station

couple on bench

she caught me taking her picture - look at her eye

girl on phone - my fav

this kid was karate chopping his friends

love this guy

i think he caught me ...

palm reader

sun block