Friday, April 29, 2011

not surfing.

dead seal at bolsa 17.

This is an experiment with the re-compose tool in PS Elements. Its an interesting tool and I like the result on this image. What I don't like is the white rectangle below the image. I wonder how to get rid of that?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Today I did a photo shoot for a salon ... I've never worked with a model before, unless you consider band promo pictures working with models ... But this was different ... Interesting. I have to say that I was a little nervous going into the shoot. The pictures I've been taking lately are more, observational or oportunistic ... Definitley not set up and definitely not for anyone but me ... There was a little more pressure on this one.
I have things I need to improve on, but I had a good time and I think we got some successful pictures. Here are a few (probably a few more than I should post):

I like the blurry one.

I'm not the first person to borrow from Iggy

Monday, April 11, 2011

SD weekend.

Otis. Carmel Mtn Dog Park

Cool Succulent covered Mail Box

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Proud, The Few

The Descendents! Here are 3 shots of the Descendents 4.7.2011 at Long Beach Arena. Thanks to my friend Darryl for the photo pass. If you want to see all 72 shots taken, here's the Flickr link: Descendents

I think this first picture is my favorite of the bunch ...

Stephen and Milo

Stephen and Milo


Bad Religion - Long Beach 4.7.2011

Here are 3 shots that I like of Bad Religion from last night. I have to say, the lighting was difficult for me ... The Descendents set was much easier to shoot ... (see next post). If you want to see more, here's the Flickr link ...Bad Religion There are only 7 pictures total because I hit the monthly limit on my Flickr account.

 The shot below is not one of the best of the bunch but I really like it because its got the Jay, Greg and Brett in the frame ... The 3 original guys.

The Original 3

Jay Bentley

Monday, April 4, 2011

Walk to the Factory

On a walk to the Factory ...
Atlantic Ave

Hughes Middle School - LBC

I took a couple pix of the field light below with my iPhone, but wanted to shoot it with my camera ... I like the iPhone, but I like these too ...
Hughes Light

Hughes Light

Front of Hughes


I went to a workshop at the local camera shop (Tuttle Camera) on Speed Lights. While I was hoping for more instruction (ANY instruction) what I got was a make-shift studio set up with 3 stations. The stations were set up with Tuttle's flashes and we were provided "commander" modules to use for the shoot. Anyway - I learned little but enjoy the images I got even though they are obvious and unspectacular. I think the most surprising thing about the drip shots is that the shutter speed was relatively slow (only 1/60) ... I went into that shot thinking it wold need to be much higher.

The drip shots are not and were not inteneded to be a sequence ... They are just the images I liked the best of the 20 I shot. I think the last one is my favorite (the last drip).

This flower was another demo set up at the class - A fake flower on a piece of glass with a side flash. I like the reflection. It looks like an imge you would see at Aaron Brothers in a frame on the shelf waiting to be purchased ... You know what I mean? An ad.