Monday, April 4, 2011


I went to a workshop at the local camera shop (Tuttle Camera) on Speed Lights. While I was hoping for more instruction (ANY instruction) what I got was a make-shift studio set up with 3 stations. The stations were set up with Tuttle's flashes and we were provided "commander" modules to use for the shoot. Anyway - I learned little but enjoy the images I got even though they are obvious and unspectacular. I think the most surprising thing about the drip shots is that the shutter speed was relatively slow (only 1/60) ... I went into that shot thinking it wold need to be much higher.

The drip shots are not and were not inteneded to be a sequence ... They are just the images I liked the best of the 20 I shot. I think the last one is my favorite (the last drip).

This flower was another demo set up at the class - A fake flower on a piece of glass with a side flash. I like the reflection. It looks like an imge you would see at Aaron Brothers in a frame on the shelf waiting to be purchased ... You know what I mean? An ad.

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