Tuesday, July 26, 2011

depth of field.

No, these are not the same image.


There's a real skill to architectural photography that I do not have ... But I'm going to keep trying ...
This is a Killingsworth on Bixby Road in Long Beach.

Howard Stern

I'm a Howard Stern listener. He's recently gained an interest in photography. Of course, with the money he has, he bought a great camera, photoshop and a couple Macs ... not to mention a tutor. so, yes, I'm jealous. Well, this week he mentioned that he was getting a new camera. A PRO camera instead of a PRO-sumer camera. I only mention this because Howard should sell me his current (soon to be old) camera ... Because it's the one I'm about to buy and I would love to save some money on it and buy a used one. Especially from Howard as I assume he takes good care of his stuff.

It's a d7000. A Nikon d7000. That's the camera I want.

Primary Colors

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

lunch at the park.

i met some of the lunch croanies, my nephews and family at a park for lunch today.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


here are a couple pix at the camp ste and leaving bishop.



otis saying goodbye to the river

stonehenge in olancha.

olancha shadow.

fourth of july.

i've never shot fireworks before. i'm happy with the results but would like to experiment more. let me know if you're having a 5th of july firework show. thanks.



red dan.