Monday, August 1, 2011


photographers call it "street photography," i call it uncomfortable. the idea is, you walk around with your camera and take pictures of people. strangers. sometimes they see you taking their picture and sometimes they don't. i really want to take pictures like this, but its pretty intimidating. recently the weave and i took a photo class that brought us downtown to chinatown. i felt safer shooting pictures of strangers being with a group ... i could always use the excuse "oh, sorry, we're with a photo class ..."

so, here's my first attempt at "street photography." i really like some of them ... i guess i shouldn't post the others, but ...

train station

couple on bench

she caught me taking her picture - look at her eye

girl on phone - my fav

this kid was karate chopping his friends

love this guy

i think he caught me ...

palm reader

sun block

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