Friday, February 25, 2011


Feb 25 - Today I went to go see a Richard Neutra exhibit. 20 photographs of things he'd worked on or been involved with in Orange County. It was being held a the Old Court House in Santa Ana (where a few friends have been married). The Old Court House's website said the exhibit was running through 2/25/11 and the blurb I read in LA Magazine said 2/28/11. Either way I was safe ... WRONG. After wading through a few weddings and trying to find an exhibit room or info or anything, I stumbled upon someone in an office, in a uniform, watching a video on her computer ... Where's the Neutra exhibit, I asked? Oh, that's been taken down, you missed it. What the fuck? At least I got to go to El Toro on First and Bristol and get some tacos ...

I took a couple pix at the courthouse though, honestly, if I had the balls to be a "Johnny on the spot" photographer, the photos are of the people in the surrounding area ... Awesome people walking, waiting for buses, sleeping under trees ... Seriously ... I need to go back and shoot the natural wildlife ...

Stair rails

Stairs at Old Court House

Stairs at Old Court House

Neutra exhibit .. Not really
I think I am using my fisheye too much. I love that lens but I need to concetrate on getting a good image and not depending on the fisheye. Some pictures just scream for a fisheye though ... Some.

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