Friday, January 13, 2012

are your stuck in the middle

in the mornings when i get up early and go surf i pass an area on pch in seal beach that i always stare at. i really want to photograph it but i think its a military base of some sort. there's no place to park and there are signs all over the fences keeping people out. i don't want to go in, i want to stand in the street and shoot (photograph) ... it just looks so cool, so ominous ... the fog tends to lay low among the weird bridge, oil derricks and palm trees. i've seen this image in my head for a couple years now, its almost been so long that if i ever stop and try to shot it, i'm nervous that i will not find the shot i've seen in my head for so long. i want to crop it low and long. not sure you'd calling a panorama, but similar in feeling.

below is a similar looking area in long beach, also on pch. i stopped here on my way to work this morning to see if i could catch an image similar to what i want from the seal beach location. i'm really happy with this shot and i will return to this location but this is WAY different than what i've described above and i was looking for.


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