Thursday, December 22, 2011

how to decorate your x mas tree in one minute and 29 seconds.

i finally got to take a class specifically about my camera. it was informative. the camera can do insane things ... i just wish the class was longer. i want there to be a part 2. the 2 hour class flew by in no time. i learned a lot and i know there is a lot more to learn.

the fun thing i took from the class is the ability to do time lapse photography with the camera ... so i tried it while we decorated our tree ... this is my third time lapse attempt, the first 2 have not been uploaded yet ...

anyway - the video is not perfect, but its kinda fun and its only a minute and a half (1:29). check it out.

this is the first time lapse thing i tried. looking aout my kitchen window during sunrise ... i'm also learning how to use "movie maker" so i added music but the timing isn't great ... the music is though (The Widows)

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