Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I participated in a street photography workshop last weekend (Oct 15 + 16) that was awesome. Eric Kim's beginning street photography workshop. I highly recommend this to anyone interested in street photography. The workshop is very comprehensive. There were discussions, power point presentations, documentaries, critics and, of course, shooting in the street. My main reason for signing up for the workshop was to help me with my discomfort (fear) of shooting strangers in the streets. Eric addresses these fears and helps to make you more comfortable with the process. I am still uncomfortable shooting, but I have a lot more confidence now, than I did before I took the workshop.
Other great things about the workshop are the people involved. Eric is very knowledgeable and sharing, friendly and talented. Rinzi, a former student of Eric’s, now helping with the workshops was awesome. He is super friendly and ready to help, listen and teach. And let’s not forget the fellow workshop participants. All super talented photographers. All showed great work at the workshop. All friendly and eager to learn, eager to share knowledge, eager to support the photography community. Check out some of the images from the workshop here.
I’m looking forward to taking another workshop with Eric and I hope some of my new friends will do so too … not because they need it, but because I’d like to hang out with them again!

I'm pretty happy with 8 - 10 shots from the weekend but i'm trying to take Eric's advice and only show my best work. My best 3. editting, editting, editting ... Below are 3 and link to the rest. I can't help it. I need to purge. If any of my fellow workshop attendees happen to see this blog, here are 3 that I didn't show in class ... 2 of them were shot on Sunday ...


the artist


here's the link to the rest of the shots

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