Thursday, October 6, 2011

if you only look at one of my posts ...

i think i've mentioned before that a magazine that i subscribe to has monthly "assignments." i like doing the assignments. they make you think and be creative, solve problems and have something to shoot. the assignment this time is: PATTERNS IN NATURE - looking for "photographs with shape, color and texture all in play." here are the ones i shot in santa barbara. i'd love comments, if you have time. thx.

rust at alma rosa

tree stump bark

rusty mailbox

more rust at alma rosa

even more rust at alma rosa

i'm not sure this is nature. it might be paint and formed bricks

lovely tree stump


  1. The rust markings at Alma Rosa look like lips. The post office logo with the rust drips is reminiscent of Warhol and Basquait. The lovely tree stump is... lovely.

  2. I love these!....I thought of these photos and the idea of the assignment "patterns" when I went on one of my hikes last week....Thanks!