Friday, March 4, 2011

Self-Deprecating Photography

I ate at Bruxie in Orange with some friends today. The parking sucked, the line was long and the food was totally worth it. I don't think I can afford to become a regular there as the fried-chicken-waffle sandwich would put me in the running to be the fattest man alive ... and makes me want to nap now that I am back at the office.

I was stoked to learn that the guys I ate with actually read this blog. They pointed out that I say that I'm not happy with my pictures that I post here ... And the whole point of this blog is for me to have a place to post pictures. Well, the fact is that I am happy with about half of the pictures I post here. At the risk of sounding too groovy, I am still learning what I want to do with this blog ... eventually I think I'll need to type less and post fewer pictures. I guess less is more. The original idea for this blog was very similar to a new blog a friend told me about called Deux Photographies. They post pictures and titles (or state the subject) that's it. Check it out, great stuff there. Maybe that's the goal. We shall see.

Here are some pictures from lunch, I want to say "not great, but here they are anyway" but I'm trying not to re-title my blog: Self-Deprecating Photography.

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