Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Post

I have to be honest, I started this blog because I accidentally came up with a name that I liked for it ... F. T. W. Food Truck World, not to be mistaken with Fuck the World. I do not think or myself as a writer or really with anything interesting to say, I'm definitely not a "foodie" as I am way too picky of an eater to be one.

I claim to dislike TOMATOES, ONIONS, PEPPERS and all foods green. The one thing I can say is this: Sarah introduced me to my first food truck ... KOGI BBQ, and I've been chasing trucks ever since.

I was definitely skeptical when we arrived at the pre-tweeted location for the Kogi truck in the city of Orange. When we got there, there had to be 50 people in line a head of us AND NO TRUCK! I almost felt like cheering when the truck arrived, then, I started feeling like a dork, waiting in line for this food-fad-truck that was supposed to be so great. Plus, I'm sure I was the oldest person in line ... kids in their teens and twenties with their noses buried in their mine's-cooler-than-yours-phones, piercings everywhere and funny haircuts. I think we ordered one of everything on the menus. i know we got tacos (short rib, chicken, spicy pork), Sarah got a quesedilla, I think I got a hot dog with kimchi ... I KNOW I was eating things listed on my above dislike list, I'm sure of it. But i powered through and really enjoyed the food. I even think it was worth the wait. the wait for the truck's arrival, the wait in line, the wait to get our food after ordering ... The whole thing, it was worth it.

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